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Thanksgiving’s UnTurkey

Posted November 29th, 2007 by olivia

This Thanksgiving s5 and I made our second UnTurkey. We changed the quantities of spices a little, but otherwise we stuck to the recipe you see here. It was definitely better than the first one we made last year, but I think it could have been better with even more spices. Here’s what we did differently:

- Made a double batch of the Yeast Flavouring
- Used double the amount of spices in the actual UnTurkey and triple in the basting mix
- Substituted 1 cup of veggie broth for water in the UnTurkey, and added a fair amount of soy sauce
- Basted the inside of the UnTurkey before we wrapped it in yuba

Next time I make the UnTurkey I plan to:

- Use three times the amount of spices in the UnTurkey
- Not knead the gluten dough so much – I hear this can make the UnTurkey tougher

Here’s our pictures from this year!

Steve is excited about blendingSteve is spicySpices!Rolling itPounding itFUCK YOU UNTURKEH!Stuffing prep & unturkehI mean, what's up with that?It's disturbing!The UnTurkehWe has cute friendsDINNAR

UnTurkey Update!

Posted November 21st, 2007 by olivia

It’s been a year since we posted the UnTurkey recipe and we’ve had a lot of great feedback, including the creator of the Unturkey, Miyoko Schinner, who gave us her blessing and even left some tips on how to improve the recipe. Unfortunately, the UnTurkey isn’t back on the shelves, and there’s nothing really great to replace it, so it’s definitely UnTurkey time again!

Here are some pictures we took last year while making the UnBird. You can find the full set over at Flickr. Hopefully the photos can shed a little more light on the process, and address people’s questions about the Yuba skin (also known as “Bean Curd Sheet” – we get it at an Asian supermarket).

Happy Thanksgiving and remember, the UnTurkey will never die as long as it lives on in our hearts and on our holiday tables!

Making the unturkeyMaking the unturkeyMaking the unturkeyMaking the unturkeyMaking the unturkeyMaking the unturkey stuffingYuba is grossResizing the unturkey's buttThe filled log o' unturkeySteve lynndies the unturkeyProud unturkey mammaFinished unturkey complete with yuba skinCloseup of discarded unturkey seitanThe roasted unbird!Unbird detailCarving the unturkeyDisturbingly meat-like